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Steve Roberts and Sandy Moore Shine a Light on Indie Filmmakers

Every day, kids all around the world dream of a future in Hollywood. Some hope of being stars. Others imagine what it would be like to be a big time director. That was not the case decades ago for Steve Roberts or Sandy Moore. But not only did they end up in the film industry, […]

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House Lights Media Introduces the Teen Drama HIDDEN RAGE, a Film to Facilitate Conversations with your Teen About Bullying and Violence in the Schools

House Lights Media introduces the timely, teen drama HIDDEN RAGE, to DVD for the first time in North America on July 17, 2012. HIDDEN RAGE, produced and directed by Emmy Award winning producer, Norton Rodriguez, tells the story of one high school student’s experience and actions as he navigates the tense world of high school. […]

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Three Studio and 18 Independent Releases – an Unusually High Number – new to Theaters this Weekend are Contending for Attention, Ticket Sales and Respect.

LA Times By John Horn Moviegoers can’t complain there’s nothing to see this weekend – 18 new independent productions and three studio works arrive simultaneously in local theaters. But what may be great for consumers has the people behind these movies losing sleep, worried that the intense competition could sink everyone’s chances for box-office success […]

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