Submitting Films

How to Submit Films

House Lights Media Submission Policy for Consideration:

House Lights Media accepts submissions of completed long form content. We review completed Feature Films without any genre restrictions. All submissions are handled in a confidential manner and submitted materials are not returned. We request that you complete our Submission Form (see below), and submit it along with any relevant PR material and with a DVD screener of the movie for our review.

Please send a good quality full length DVD screener copy of your movie with a completed submission form to:

House Lights Media Partners, LLC
Attn: Submissions
2503 Pebble Beach Drive, Suite 200
Evergreen, CO 80439
House Lights Media does not accept unfinished movies or film scripts for consideration or review without our prior consent. Your DVD and submission materials will not be returned to you. We keep them in our library. You can expect to receive acknowledgement that your submission has been received within a week of delivery. For inquiries, please email: Thank you.

To access the Submission form, please download it here